Make Roads Safe "Decade of Action" report launched to save 5 million lives

Governments in all countries must combat the world's fastest growing public health emergency by committing to a road safety 'Decade of Action' which would save 5 million lives and prevent 50 million serious injuries, says the new report by the Commission for Global Road Safety launched in Rome on 5 May.
A coordinated UN action plan for road safety is urgently needed with road crashes set to become the leading cause of disability and premature death for children aged 5-14 across developing countries by 2015.
Make Roads Safe campaign ambassador, movie actor Michelle Yeoh joined Ministers from developing countries, senior UN and World Bank figures, and celebrities including F1 driver Felipe Massa, at the report launch in Rome to highlight the hidden epidemic of road traffic injuries and to urge UN action on road safety.
The 'Make Roads Safe' report, endorsed by the world's leading road safety experts, urges UN governments attending the first ever global governmental conference on road safety in Moscow in November, to support a 'Decade of Action for Road Safety' between 2010-2020. During the Decade the international community should invest in a $300 million action plan to catalyse traffic injury prevention and re-focus national road